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When it comes to the integrity of auto body repair services in our area, some shops will be upfront about the work that has been done and the time that has been put into the repairs.

Though most shop owners in the San Jose area are strongly committed to providing exceptional service, some Sunnyvale, California body shops may try to cut corners or may even pad the bill with artificial work hours and unused parts.

A good way to protect yourself from this situation is to spend some time reviewing their written estimates. You may be able to tell if unnecessary parts have been listed or if the quoted hourly rate is out of line with that of other auto body shops San Jose provides.

Even if you canít spot these things yourself, you can take the written estimate to another shop for a second opinion. At Westcoast Auto Body, we promise to review any written estimate and let you know if another garage is padding an estimate with unnecessary charges.

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Auto Body Shops, San Jose Warranties

Whether you bring your damaged automobile to Westcoast Auto Body, we advise all car owners to look for the warranty when taking their vehicles in for service. Some customers may assume warranties cover all work done at auto body shops. San Jose is a great place to live, full of great folks, but guarantees are not necessarily provided by all auto body outfits; some garages offer no warranties, others only sell extended warranties, and still other provide warranties that arenít extensive enough to be of any practical use. Before you authorize a shop to begin work on your car, take the time to look over the warranty.

For your convenience, the Westcoast Auto Body warranty is featured prominently on this site. We guarantee metalwork, mechanical repairs, replacement parts and auto body paint. Santa Clara customers wonít have to guess which aspects of their repairs are covered; itís all spelled out here.

Auto Body Paint, Santa Clara

Your vehicle is likely to be one of your most valuable investments. And since any valuable investment is worth caring for, you should know where to go for the highest quality auto body paint Santa Clara County has to offer.

More than Just Paint

The technicians at Westcoast Auto Body know that although a fresh coat of paint can make any car look great, the paint layer is a functional part of the vehicle. Its primary function is not to look good, but rather to protect the vehicle from rust, scratching and weakened structural integrity. As your carís first line of defense, the paint must be applied carefully and systematically, preferable at one of the finest of Sunnyvale, California body shops. Contact us at Westcoast Auto Body soon. Weíll show you why thereís no greater alternative in our region.

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