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Even if you’ve never taken one of your cars to a paint or auto body shop for a new paint job, it’s something you should always consider as an option with every car you own. That’s because there are numerous benefits to repainting your vehicle, particularly when you bring it to a premium quality Mountain View body shop like Westcoast Auto Body.

The aesthetic appeal alone is one reason to refinish your car, particularly if your current coat of paint has lost its luster over the years. But repainting also allows you to have complete control over colors and accents. Our artists and specialists are ready to work with you to blend custom shades, create unique designs and do much more.

A fresh coat of paint is also the best defense against exterior corrosion. If your current paint is chipping or eroding, we highly recommend that you bring your car to our Sunnyvale autobody center as soon as possible. Weakened coverage can leave your car vulnerable to the salty ocean air, encouraging rust development.

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Specialized Sunnyvale Autobody Frame Equipment

If you’ve had a minor accident, it’s possible that your vehicle’s damage is more extensive than just simple cosmetic body damage. Sometimes even relatively gentle collisions can bend and contort the vehicle frame, which can lead to other problems down the road.

Because we’re committed to giving every customer top of the line precision frame adjustment and realignment, we’ve outfitted our Sunnyvale autobody center with the Chief EZ-Liner Frame Straightening Machine. If you bring your car to us for collision repair, frame misalignments will be corrected the right way, the first time. We employ the Chief EZ-Liner in our Mountain View body shop as part of a comprehensive approach to total frame correction that includes:

  • Safe, gentle clamping of the vehicle frame
  • As much as 30,000 pounds of pressure used to realign frame without using heat (that breaks down frame integrity)
  • Sophisticated computer controls that restore your vehicle’s frame to factory specifications
  • Affordable replacement of severely damaged suspension parts
  • Axle alignment performed in-house after frame correction, which puts you back on the road that much faster

You can view the Chief EZ-Liner and learn more about its capabilities. Just select “Frame Straightening Machine” under “General Information” on our home page.

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