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One qualifying factor separates auto repair garages into two distinct groups. Though many drivers donít consider it until itís too late, an auto bodyís shop ability to work directly with your insurance company can make all the difference. Before authorizing any collision repair, Sunnyvale drivers may want to check on whether their repair shops are equipped to work directly with their insurance companies.

At Westcoast Auto Body and Painting, we effectively negotiate with insurers. Itís one reason we have so many customer referrals. The experience and inside knowledge of Westcoast Auto Body repair, Sunnyvale, means we can provide a comprehensive response system that makes the most of your options. Our experts can make the difference in your eventual insurance claim amount.

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Auto Body Repair, Sunnyvale Specialty

To the untrained eye, the degree of damage to a car after a collision can be misleading. Sometimes, the smallest fender benders result in slight but significant damage to the carís frame, which can lead to numerous safety concerns. On the other hand, some cars that look totaled may have been engineered with sophisticated crumple-zones that protected the frame and left it virtually unharmed.

The structural integrity of the frame after a car accident is one a vital consideration in auto body repair. Sunnyvale drivers, fortunately, have access to the most sophisticated frame straightening equipment on the market.

At Westcoast Auto Body, our Chief EZ-Liner Frame Straightening Machine is unique to our service. Very few minor dent repair San Jose garages utilize the innovative genius behind this piece of machinery, but we do because it can make all the difference in the long-term integrity and, therefore, safety of your vehicle.

Dent Repair, San Jose Insurance

Although our insurance-savvy experts will be ready to work with you throughout the entire claims process, we would like to remind all of our visitors that an efficient claims process begins with preparedness. Some policyholders may not know how to go about filing a claim. Others are unsure about whether their policy even covers simple dent repair. San Jose area drivers can familiarize themselves with the answers to these questions and they can count on us to help.

If You Have a Few MomentsÖ

It doesnít hurt to read over your policy and related documents before a collision occurs. If you have questions while going over the details, you can contact your insurance agent for clarification. Then, if an accident happens, youíll know what to do. When itís time to get estimates and select a competent garage, you can contact the experienced collision repair Sunnyvale specialists at Westcoast Auto Body.

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