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California auto owners are protected by the Automobile Repair Act of 1971. This act stipulates that customers are entitled to expect and demand only clear and honest communication from the employees of their body shop. Sunnyvale area garages and all others throughout the state are bound by this imperative; violations can result in a garage losing its registration and therefore its right to legally operate in California.

Other expectations that the act ensures of any auto body in Los Gatos and throughout the greater San Jose area include the expectations that signed work orders are honest and accurate, that the garage in question will not engage in fraud and that it will not depart from accepted trade standards for automotive repair. The act also requires registered garages to prominently display registration signs in their place of business, so donít be afraid to ask for proof of registration with the state if you do not see such a sign in an auto body garage.

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Auto Body in Los Gatos or Los Altos

We sympathize with car owners who donít feel confident in being able to tell an honest, quality auto body shop from any other. To those who donít spend much time researching, working on and thinking about their cars, auto body in Los Gatos, Mountain View, or parts between may all seem the same.

One quality can be targeted to help you sift through the many garages and separate them into two distinct groups: the use of OEM parts.

Original Equipment Manufacturer Parts Matter

OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer, and an OEM part is a car part that has been built by the same manufacturer that built the original equivalent part for a given vehicle. If you find an autobody shop, in Menlo Park or Campbell, that refuses to buy and install OEM parts, you might want to think twice about taking your car there.

Aftermarket Parts

Though aftermarket parts may not always perform to the same standards as OEM parts, it is important to note that they are not categorically inferior to OEM parts either. Some aftermarket parts actually represent improvements upon the OEM design. But customers should be given the option of choosing OEM parts if they are available. Does your garage of choice provide this option?

Autobody Shop in Menlo Park, Etc.

If youíve had a minor fender-bender that resulted in body damage, donít assume that the damage is merely cosmetic. Only a responsible autobody shop, in Menlo Park or in Cupertino, can assess whether the body damage is creating a safety or performance risk. For instance, a mangled fender could potentially rub a deep groove in a tire, creating a risk of a dangerous blowout.


Fuel Costs

Nearly all body damage has the potential of diminishing a vehicleís highway gas mileage, which is an increasingly important reason to take your damaged car to the Westcoast Auto Body Shop. Sunnyvale area residents have trusted us to make repairs that limit the effects of unfortunate collisions for years, and we hope you will too. Get your first estimate from us, and weíll go from there.

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