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Even if you have a great relationship with your auto insurance agent and company, you should always remember that insurers generally aim to pay out the smallest amount possible for any given claim. Since you’re paying your premiums every month, you should expect to get everything you have coming to you when it’s time for a claim.

That’s when it pays off to also have a great relationship with an insurance-savvy auto body shop. In Al Viso or Palo Alto, residents can count on the experience of Westcoast Auto Body. We’ll work with all major insurers to make sure that all damage is accounted for. We’ll see to it that you get all of the financial reparations you’re due. And if you ever have questions about the auto insurance claims process that you don’t think can be answered honestly and objectively by your insurance agent, you can always ask our experts.

Here’s one more very important tip about auto insurance damage claims: unless otherwise stipulated, your insurer does not have the authority to tell you where you can and cannot get your car repaired. If your agent or company tries to push you to visit a specific Sunnyvale autobody center, check the fine print in your policy. If your policy does not specifically establish that your insurance company has the right to do this, you can take your car for repairs anywhere and still expect equal coverage.

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Convenience in Sunnyvale Autobody Service

Most drivers in our area use their cars virtually every day. If you’re one of them, taking your car in for repairs can complicate life, even if you’re just dropping it off at the Sunnyvale autobody shop in your neighborhood.

We understand that nobody likes to feel stranded, which is why we’ve established policies to make life easier for our clients. When you arrange repairs with Westcoast Auto Body, you can look forward to:

  • Local towing pickup and delivery of your finished vehicle
  • In-house loaner vehicles
  • Free shuttle to transport you to your work or home
  • Discounted rates on local rental cars
  • Fast, efficient repairs

There’s simply no reason to travel to another auto body shop in Al Viso or surrounding communities. We can get the job done right the first time while supporting you with convenient interim transportation for free or at a reduced cost. Call our office for more information on temporary transportation options.

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