Auto Collision Repair Shop in Los Altos

After an accident, there are important decisions that have to be made. If the damage is extensive or the car is particularly old, one of the decisions may be whether to repair the car at all. And, of course, thereís always determining which auto collision repair shop, in Los Altos or San Jose or the many other options in the region, you will use.

While we certainly hope you consider bringing your damaged vehicle to Westcoast Auto Body, we would also like to remind you that the cosmetic damage to your vehicle rarely correlates to your carís structural damage or safety.

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Signs of Damage?

Your damaged vehicle may have extensive cosmetic damage but very little or no structural damage, and in that case, you might be able to put off repairing the damages if necessary. In other cases, vehicles that look almost unscathed may be severely damaged on a structural level and could be unsafe to drive. To find out for sure, youíll need to have your car inspected by seasoned experts in collision repair. Sunnyvale, California drivers have trusted Westcoast Auto Body with this responsibility for years, and we invite you to join them.

Structural Collision Repair, Sunnyvale, California

We are glad to offer our customers the benefit of our Chief EZ-Liner Frame Straightening Machine. We canít say enough about one of the most robust pieces of dedicated equipment in our garage. Itís something youíll only find in the finest centers for collision repair. Sunnyvale, California is the place to go if you want to take advantage of this machine.

Repairs with Integrity

Its moving parts are exceptionally powerful, but they are controlled to the most precise measurements by a sophisticated computer system. The system relies on specific and up-to-date data from auto manufacturers to ensure that every vehicle frame is restored to its like-new condition and proportions. Finally, the Chief EZ-Liner Frame Straightening Machine does not compromise your vehicleís structural integrity with the application of heat that can cause invisible harm to the materials that protect you and those you love.

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