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Just because you have comprehensive auto insurance coverage doesn’t necessarily mean that your car’s damage will be completely and categorically covered. “Comprehensive,” as the term is used in the insurance industry, generally refers to the most extensive policy offered. And, unfortunately, this policy does not need to literally be comprehensive to be called so.

At our auto body Sunnyvale, CA repair shop, we work directly with customers and their insurers to get them the best deals possible. Our experts can often explain insurance company policies and decisions with greater clarity than the insurance agents have the inclination or time for. And we always caution our customers to read the fine print on every policy before purchasing it.

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What’s Your Policy?

Some policies may completely cover damage from all types of collisions and honor repairs at any body shop in Palo Alto, but then won’t cover damage that is weather related. Other policies may cover all kinds of unusual accidents but won’t cover many of the most common types of collisions. The time to learn what kind of policy you have is before you buy, not after you file a claim.

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Pics: Body Shop in Palo Alto Area

At Westcoast Auto Body, we like to let customers see exactly what Westcoast Auto Body work looks like. We take photos throughout the repair and painting processes and post them online because we are excited about the work we do and for another reason. When we post images of the great work done at our body shop in the Palo Alto area, you can see what you’ll get when you put your vehicle in our hands.

At Westcoast Auto Body, Sunnyvale, CA locals know us by reputation. Now you can get to know why we’re a preferred body shop by scanning the images of the repainting, alignment and repairs we’ve done. Please explore our site for slideshows of some of our best work.

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